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Posted on: March 16, 2013



Healthy MS Recipes

Stocking the MS Friendly Kitchen

MS Health Center At WebMd

How do Ideal with my MS?20130316-030944.jpg

“In-season fruits and vegetables
Why: They’re usually cheaper and fresher”

Thinking Problems in people with MS.
“MS usually does not hurt your intelligence or long-term memory. It won’t change your ability to read and carry on a conversation.”

Read more at MSActiveSource

“Montel Williams

Former talk show host Williams told Oprah Winfrey that pain has been a challenge since his MS diagnosis in 1999. He’s learned how to distract himself and “keep it in a box.” He now puts much of his focus on raising awareness about the disease through the Montel Williams MS Foundation.”

“Tamia Hill

MS hasn’t stopped singer-songwriter Tamia Hill from sharing her gift of music. She’s recorded four albums since her diagnosis at age 28. Hill says she has good days and bad days, and finds it helpful to keep a positive attitude. Hill also works to raise public awareness of MS — and stays busy raising her family with her husband, NBA star Grant Hill.”

“Alan and David Osmond

Alan Osmond and many of his siblings became famous as members of the singing, dancing Osmond family. His son, David, is now carrying on the family name as a performer, including a turn on TV’s American Idol. They share something else, too: Both father and son multiple sclerosis. They live by Alan’s motto: “I may had MS, but MS does not have me.”

I been told have MS. Pain, fatigue as well as walking has been a challenge for me since 2010. I have my poetry, and computer class, and work on-line to keep me focusing on the positive and the negative. My family is not so supportive as they think I’m putting on. David Osmond and his father has and had MS. I lived by his motto for years when I say. “Death will catch me moving”

“Hal Ketchum

Country singer Hal Ketchum says that talking to people about his MS helps him feel better about the disease. He’s also rearranged his priorities in life to focus on what’s really important to him. People can find a supportive group or online chat room — or even a mentor who is living with MS — by calling the National MS Society at 800-344-4867.”

I have been so sick at times, I know by strength of God is why I am here and still moving forward despite the painful obstacles. I said many times “I refused to lie down and wait for death it will catch me moving”. My MS goes untreated except by whatever foods or treatment I find online that makes walking and the unbearable pain at times in check.

I have dealt with MS alone since my diagnosis. Knowing there’s a chat and forum to get support is a blessing. I can’t talk to people around me about my situation, after all they are sick too and wants nothing to do with hearing about my dilemma. They expect me to carry on as they do, that would be nice if I could muster the energy, but ppl didn’t expect me to do things I physically can’t do without hurting myself.

I haven’t been able to get where I wanna be to help myself totally without assistant of others. I’m on disability, but need more income to be productive and not a burden on any one.

Read more about famous faces with MS.

“Doctors divide the symptoms into three groups: primary, secondary, and tertiary.

Primary symptoms come from damage to the protective sheath around the nerves in your spine or brain. The damage called demyelination. It causes scarring, which makes it harder for signals to travel between the brain and the body.

This process can lead to bladder or bowel problems, loss of balance, numbness, paralysis, tingling, tremors, vision problems, or weakness.

Medicine, rehabilitation, and other treatments can keep many of these problems under control.

Secondary symptoms follow the main problems of MS. For instance, not being able to empty your bladder can lead to a bladder infection.

Doctors can treat secondary symptoms, but the goal is to avoid them by treating the primary symptoms.

Tertiary symptoms are the social, psychological, and job-related problems of coping with MS. For instance, if MS makes it hard for you to walk or drive, you may not be able to do your job well.” I guess this one fits me. I’ve tried to work since the age of 18 when I graduated from high school. I’ve work a total of less than a year my whole life, I got fired twice from the sewing plant. My ability to work effectively was the reason for both firing.

After being fired from sewing plants, I figure office work was my calling, but it was not to be. Class distinction got in the way at the unemployment office. I been told available office work was not available to me because I had not experience. I volunteered a habitat for humanity for the experience and been told I would be placed in a sewing plant. Crazy ain’t. Well 28 years later and I have become disabled with MS and other diseases, such a glaucoma, lightness, sever scoliosis, arthritis, and a host of unexplained symptoms.

I have one degree in Computer Technology after 8 years of part-time classes at the technical college. I now study online to keep my computer skills fresh as I can’t work at a job if I could get hired but was and is hopelessly un hirable. Now I know why I can’t get hired online after reading these articles. Read more at WebMd

Here are some questions you should ask after an official diagnosis.

“Multiple Sclerosis: Now What?
Questions to ask after your diagnosis of multiple sclerosis:

What kind of multiple sclerosis do I have?
Could anything else be causing my symptoms?
Will I have new symptoms? Will they get worse over time?
What can I do at home to manage my symptoms?
What drugs and other treatments do you recommend for me?
How will I know if the drugs are working?
What side effects should I expect, and how should I handle them?
Can exercise or physical therapy help me feel better?
Will MS affect my sex life? Can I have children?
Are there any local support groups?”

Dealing with MS Pain At Fact sheet.

“There are two broad types of pain that result from MS:

neuropathic or nerve pain is caused by damage to the nerves in the brain and spinal cord
nociceptive or musculoskeletal pain is caused by damage to muscles, tendons, ligaments and soft tissues”



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