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No love from medical world

Posted on: March 10, 2013

I went to hospital and was diagnosis with acute Bronchitis. Well doctor gave me medicine that will make me blind from my glaucoma. If not for the internet and me checking for side effect I’d be blind. This is the third time I was given medicine that will take away my sight. The first time was when my kiddies were tiny tots. I went blind for a day, call the dentist who wasn’t available, then told by another doctor on call who said “stop taking it because it was too strong me since I’ve never taken meds before.

We kids never got sick as children except one of seven, who made herself sick because she was mad at mama and daddy for not taking her with them. She washed her hair in the coldest wintertime in a cold wooden house by a cold fireplace with no heat to warm herself. She almost died after being given medicine for bronchitis that did no good, like the doctor gave me for my bronchitis. #death will catch me moving, I drink plenty water, eat fruits to help me through the rough days of sneezing, coughing, congestion, unable to breathe, weakness, nausea from trying to keep going, causing chest pain on top of everything else I got to deal with. #doctors suck at me

The dentist decide to force a root canal on me, then he didn’t do it right. Now after years of having that bad tooth canal my teeth are all bad with gum disease. They say dental care is important, please, my husband never had dental care and got perfect teeth. I had good teeth before going to the dentist in my late twenties.

Now, I walk around with a frown because my smile is so bad I hate when ppl make me laugh. #most doctors sucks while the good ones are unreachable. Even suck at doctors are good if you from the right family. The problem is those family member don’t know you, if they did they’d be chastised by the ones calling the shots. #shot me already if I was a horse I’d been sent out to pasture and shot to death and put out of my misery. But that against the law now, #you get more time for killing animals than you do for killing ppl. So they have healthcare for animals, I bet they don’t get medicine that make them blind or let them die form bronchitis.

Talking about Obama care bad make hospital turn people away. #Please, I ain’t got Obama care and getting the shaft, turned away from Fast Er being charged $750 deductible up front to be tested for the flu. “Eaton Blue Cross Blue Shield”. Doctor’s Care outright refuse services saying Eaton insurance didn’t cover physical or anything else I came in for when I know they do. #what the heck?. Ohh I see, I’m the problem, ppl that matters, say.

PPL are crazy, nobody stupid. Next year told insurance will have to pay 7,500 deductible before be seen. Working PPl with good insurance treated like they say Obama care doing, #please, been treated like dirt by medical world since I was a child. There ain’t no difference today just somebody to blame it all on. #Please, just because ppl color different, come from a poor background, seen by others as unfit for human respect or healthcare and services just as good as any body else, don’t make them unintelligent and stupid.

You might see me as stupid poor soul, don’t make it so. My third grade teacher made it clear I was a nobody and nobody would ever use me in a school play. That shaped me today. I may act like a nobody because you insist on treating me like that, you best believe, I don’t believe that. I just don’t believe in fighting losing battles, I let the Almighty God of the heavens handle those fights. He will bring about a change that will bring justice to this earth, that will benefit all equally not just the rich and well off who treat ppl like they #gum stuck under their shoes that’s hard to kick or clean off.

Dr. Oz got it right. You better take responsibility for you own health, find out how to eat healthy. Check out my blog at I ain’t got lifestyle diseases such as Diabetes, High blood, but got Ms, Glaucoma, Vertigo, Migraine like headaches, and Severe Chronic Depression from being sick with no one to care, but to say you just a fake, stop putting on, get out of that bed, ain’t nothing wrong, you just looking for attention. #some family and friends suck, I went through this for years the time being sick passing out, losing ability to walk, while severe chest pain kept me crunching over. Some saw what I was going through and said as much I must have vertigo but when family say you just want attention what ppl that care suppose to think. #judgmental wicked hearts sucks.

I finally decided going back to school to take up computer technology will keep my mind for loitering inside a dying body because ppl see me as trash unfit for human sympathy. By the end I was too sick to get my Associate but oh well, I got one degree in computers and working online doing my thing without the Graduation. #CCTC suck. #Trio more power to you keep doing good-by those less fortunate. I should have known when they refuse me work-study, and any job during those 8 years of part-time studies that I’d be treated like nothing eventually because I proved I’m just as smart as those top student in my preferred study program. #I found peace in my online world where I learn more from my own continual studies on-line. As far as friends and family I keep trucking #you my friend I show friendship, you not I show deadness to you because your became dead to me when I needed you the most.

Just because I do whatever I can at the best of my ability and imagination to keep going, I get the look of “you don’t look sick to me”. When I looked sick I got look of pity and unconcern, now I’m doing what I can online to keep looking good and healthy to keep moving forward regardless of the obstacles, I get “you don’t look sick”. #Fake friends suck.


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