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Herbs That Stop Migraines

Posted on: March 6, 2013

“When your head hurts, a pain pill is an easy way to silence the throbbing. But did you know there are herbs that may help, too?
James A. Duke, PhD, author of The Green Pharmacy, offers five options for you to consider.” Check out Real age for more healthy eating ideas to stop headache pains.

Herbs is my way to healthy lifestyle without medicines. I’ve been having some really nasty headaches. I’m not aure if they are migraines since I’ve never been diagnosis by a doctors.

I have been treating them with herbs teas, rest, and whatever comes to mind or I find on the Internet by means of pain management. It has worked and I have less pain, though not all gone, over the past few years.

These herb teas has been in my herb cabinet for years. They are not the pop a pill and pain is gone but it does work over time if you are as anti pill popping as I am.

Feverfew and ginger: Research suggests that regularly taking feverfew reduces migraine frequency, while ginger may soothe symptoms.

Willow: The herb contains salicin, an aspirin-like substance. White willow (S. alba) is rather low in this pain-relieving stuff, so if you want more headache relief per cup of tea, look for species that are more potent, like S. daphnoides or S. fragilis. (Find out why aspirin is also a “brain pill.”)

Red pepper: Studies show that its heat-giving ingredient, capsaicin, may help prevent cluster headaches. (Here’s why you should add the food to an egg-white omelet.)

Thyme: Thyme can be used in a compress to ease achy muscles in the neck, shoulders, and back that contribute to tension headaches. You can also drink thyme tea. (Check out how this herb can healthy-up a salad, too.)

Ask Your Doc

Remember, just like pharmaceutical drugs, herbs can cause side effects or interact with medications. So before running to the health-food store, clear your plans with your doctor, and ask about the appropriate dose.”


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