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Cancer screening test you should avoid

Posted on: February 28, 2013


I have been sick for a while having many symptoms not knowing what is wrong. I have several test for different diseases that show up nothing. My doctor could not ell me why I losing my ability to walk, or why my vision is so blurred or why I’m so dizzy. But they did knew how to write prescriptions that did no good or made matters what did I do? I said no more. The insurance company was harassing my husband and he harassed me so I stayed in bed designing and programming websites as a hobby. I took to the internet to heal, treat, and hopefully cure my ailment one symptom at a time without mind altering, kidney damaging medications.

the last time I went to m doctor they tried to get me to take another test for ovarian cancer. Well I said no. I’m online so I’m not having any of he symptoms for ovarian cancer. I felt if I got cancer screening I might get it because they convince that was it, after telling me I have MS. MS, I believe because I have all the symptoms and have gotten more because told in 2010.

My problem is this. They test me for everything thinkable three different times, but found everything normal. Now they wanted to test me for diseases that may cause my debilitating condition. I haven’t been back to my doctor and they are mad at me.

After I read Dr Oz article on cancer screening test, you should not get, I remembered my concern. I already went to the Hemotologist because they thought I had leukemia. Only proved I didn’t’, I was aware of my anemic condition but no one listened. So when Doc hinted at cancer I zoned out. I worked too hard eating healthy cancer preventing foods to believe that. Some iron pills and did the trick. My blood count went up on it own and was normal 6 months later. That was 2 years ago and I’m still good.

After a third opinion by eye specialist, I found my dizzy spells and blurred vision had nothing to do with my Glaucoma but is a symptom of MS.

Knowledge is power.

I now eat or drink to end or at least ease symptoms. The said I have high cholesterol something I never suffered with before, so I ate oatmeal. Two-week later it was down. They tested me for thyroid problems, twice, I guess they forget they tested me for same thing two month earlier, I refuse the second test, because when I ask what the result were, I was told if the doctor didn’t call or say anything to me, then it didn’t show anything. that’s the way it was millions of dollars of test back to back and no answers.

As a result, Consumer Reports generated a list of eight cancer screening tests that asymptomatic people with no risk factors should avoid. They also included three cancer screening tests that you should get because the benefits of those tests far outweigh the risks.

These eight screening tests include:
Bladder cancer
Lung cancer
Pancreatic cancer
Ovarian cancer
Prostate cancer
Testicular cancer
Oral cancer
Skin cancer


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