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Foods Making Butts Fat

Posted on: February 16, 2013


A fat butt and thigh is more desirable than a fat belly.

Dr. Michael Jensen, director of endocrine research at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, notes to ABC News that the fat in your butt and thighs is more stable than that in other parts of your body, and that a little fat in the butt can be helpful in protecting you from heart disease.

Unfortunately, you cannot target where your body stores fat, so certain foods that make a fat butt will also make a fat stomach, legs and thighs.

Breads and Cereals

While whole grains are a good choice for weight loss, most breads and cereals are highly processed and filled with refined flour. The carbohydrates found in breads and cereals are metabolized so quickly that they can leave you feeling hungry and snacking even after a high-calorie meal.

Pair your carbs in whole grain form with lean protein and vegetables for a meal that keeps you full.

Saturated Fats

Saturated fat is the term used for the type of fat that becomes solid when cooled. This is the type of fat that can clog your arteries and be deposited in your butt and thighs. The American Heart Association recommends cutting out the saturated fats found in foods like french fries and bacon.

Make better choices, and eat the healthy fats found in things like lean meats, eggs and fish to help you stay slim.

Health Foods

Unfortunately, not all health foods are created equally. Some foods are marketed under the guise of being healthy, but are actually laden with fat and calories. If you believe you’re noshing on a healthier option, you’re likely to eat more.

Foods like yogurt, dried fruit, muffins, granola and sandwich wraps all seem healthy, but can have hidden calories that will end up on your butt, reports “Cosmopolitan” magazine.
Make sure you understand serving sizes and calorie amounts before indulging.

Fast Food

It’s no secret that fast food is poor in nutritional quality and laden with fat and calories. But you may still pick up a burger, fries and shake from time to time. The National Heart Lung and Blood Institute points to fast food consumption as being one of the most obvious predictors of obesity.

Those who eat fast food often are at risk for weight gain, as well as high cholesterol and excess intake of unhealthy sugars, grains and fats. These all can make you gain weight, especially in fat storage areas like your butt.

Soft Drinks

The word “diet,” when placed before your favorite soda’s name, can make you feel as if you are making a good choice. Unfortunately, all types of soda can make you gain weight, even if they are without sugar or calories. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention note that those who drink soda over water weigh more than those who choose water. Even diet sodas can make you justify eating more because of the calories you’ve saved.

Choose water to keep the fat off of your backside.

Originally published at Read more about the healthy foods that keep you going strong.


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